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APUK’s Products


Medical Records Audit Tool

The Audit Medical Record Tool aligns with JCI, AACI and HA standards.

  • Customized based on patient condition and setting
  • Real-time audit for real-time improvement
  • No need to sampling, go for 100% audit

Clinical Business Intelligence

The dashboard for showing patients’ care information, administration information and quality control of the hospital.

APUK’s Global Partner Products

Quippe Clinical Data Engine & Clinical Documentation

The Quippe documentation tools are the advanced clinical documentation and a clinical decision support tool for better clinical outcomes which enable physicians to see more patients, and provide clinical usability at the point of care.

Not only presenting and implementing the tools but APUK also adjust and develop add-ons to specifically match the needs of the hospitals.

Integrating evidence-based content directly into EHR

Solutions that encourage patient-centered care by integrating evidence-based content directly into EHR systems. Includes care planning, order sets, patient education content.

  • Incorporates evidence-based, trusted content into your care plans and order sets
  • Delivers the most current & accurate drug data & decision-support information
  • Optimizes your IT investment by integrating content directly into your EHR

APUK’s Services

Healthcare IT Consultant

APUK offers consultant services, IT transformation, Business gaps analysis, IT strategic management, change management in hospital quality.

Consultant for IT Transformation

We provide professional consultation services to become the fully digitalized hospital with hospital standards, such as JCI, HA, and AACI.

Consultant for HIMSS/EMRAM accreditation

The HIMSS accreditation or certification is the milestone for entering the health information and technology industry for the hospital. APUK is the leading expert in giving consultation for hospitals that aim to obtain the HIMSS accreditation.