APUK’s  Services

Healthcare IT consultant and IT transformation align with hospital standards.

Healthcare IT Consultant

APUK is not only expertise in hospital quality and Healthcare IT management, APUK also offers consultant service namely, IT transformation, Business and gaps analysis, IT strategic management, change management, and HIMSS/EMRAM Accreditation.

Consultant for IT transformation

We provide professional consultation services to become the fully digitalized hospital for the best service process and aligning with hospital standards, such as HA; Hospital Accreditation, JCI; Joint Commission International or AACI; American Accreditation Commission International

Consultant for HIMSS accreditation

The HIMSS accreditation or certification is the milestone for entering the health information and technology industry for the hospital. APUK is the leading expert in giving consultation for hospitals that aim to obtain the HIMSS accreditation with experience from Princ Paknampo Hospital, Princ Suvarnabhumi Hospital and Siriraj Piyamaharajkarun Hospital.

Apuk’s Clients for IT Consultant Projects