For continusly improvment of ‘ Quippe : Advanced Clinical Documentation’  and more understanding about how important of Structured Data.
Medicomp and APUK company provides training class for the clients who using products and services.

The class held 3 days (16-18 Jan 2023)  including

  • Basic Training  : Learning about the basic of Quippe designer tool and the most common function and feature.
  • Advanced Traninig : For Quippe Desinger who has the expereince as the designer. They can apply CSS style class, Advanced Text Macros, Adding Medcin directly from buttons to table and image with buttons related to findings. They will have the ability to to enhance their  documentation by themselves.
  • Technical Training: Technical Team can learn more about how to setup Quippp in difference environment, understand about Webservice, Core Service, Data integration, Dojo Function, PDF Function inclulding how to optimise Quippe Performance